Yoko Nogami

Jacques Bautista @ Studio @620

Jacques Bautista @ Studio@620

A creative exhibition curated by Thomas Murray and Marcus Farris

Artists Reception Saturday October 13, 2012... 6:00-9:00 PM

"Jiro Toranosuke Basho a.k.a. 'Jacques Bautista'"

Gallery Hours: October 9-13, 2012... 12:00 - 4:00 PM

 Visit : Studio @ 620


Furusato Mailbox  (mailbox, enamel paint, chain)


Project:HOME is an artist collective. We curated an outdoor art installation project, exploring the concept of "HOME" in Spring, 2007. Along with 30+ artists and their installations, my mailboxes, total of 18, were installed on trees at Williams Park, St. Petersburg Florida.  Each mailbox were painted with paint-by-number style postcard like image of Mt. Fuji.  Random passer-bys left notes in the mailboxes.

Laundry Line Project with Youth Arts Corps









Environmentally conscious paintings painted by apprentice youth artists, installed at Williams Park in downtown St. Petersburg.